Dollar Store Shopaholic


I am very fond of shopping in discount and dollar stores for cheap treasures (or cheap items that I can turn into treasures). I often don’t bother going in one, unless I plan on buying something and then, I have to force myself into a budget, or else, it’s easy to find myself spending more than I can actually afford. It is not difficult for me to spend $50 in one spree, just deciding on hair accessories for myself and my girls, never mind, the other goodies I often come across.

Yesterday, I was, coincidentally, browsing the hair accessories at the local Family Dollar, when I heard a customer at the register make a comment that I could totally relate to.

Customer: “My husband is always complaining about how much money I spend at the dollar store.

He asked me, ‘if I could ever walk out of one without spending more than $40?’

I told him, that the only way I could walk out of a dollar store, with under $40 worth of stuff, was to put stuff back!”

Me: (Busted out laughing)

This is, of course, why I now send my partner in, as often as I can, to help me avoid temptation.

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