Life is not fair.

Whether you’re good

Or you’re bad

Life doesn’t care

It doesn’t care

If you’re having

A bad day.

It doesn’t care

If it’s a good one

It doesn’t care

If you even

Put your shoes on.

Life is not fair

It just is

What it is

It doesn’t care

If you’re grown

Or a kid

When bad things


And fortune craps

On your day

Life doesn’t care

It goes its own way

You can

Take it or

Leave it

or Take it

In stride

But life doesn’t care

If you’re dying inside

Life isn’t fair

It sucks

We all know it

But, it’s when

You give up on life

That you blow it

Life isn’t

Unicorns, rainbows

And buttercups

Life isn’t fair

So just

Suck it up.

DizzyDezzi (c) 2016


Published by Diva

Trying to live my best life, but chores keep getting in the way!

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