Throwback of the Day: Last Road Trip

Throwback of the Day: where I’ll post some old random picture from the past and share a story about it.

Ignore the ass in this picture. The backside is fine, but the jerk it belongs to, Bill, has been, long ago, forgotten. What’s important is where and when this photo was taken: Nebraska 1996

I’ve purposely been avoiding pictures, with the exception of the Carol M. post, with faces of other individuals. I’m trying to find Carol, so deep down, I’m hoping she, or someone she knows, will stumble on this blog and point her in my direction. Otherwise, I’ll only post faces with the individual’s permission and that is why we are staring at a photo of Bill’s ass.

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we.

I moved to Colorado in 1995, with, pretty much, only the clothes on my back. Bobbie, one of my best friends, from college, was holding on to some items for me that were too bulky for me to take on my trip from my old life, in Omaha, NE, to my new home, in the Rocky Mountains. This picture was taken in Bobbie’s living-room, while Bill still slept, the morning we were planning to head back home.

Bill was a jerk, but this trip was his penance. I’ll spare you the gory details. Suffice it to say, he was the pilot on, what would seem to be, to date, my last road trip.

I’d only been gone for a few months, but in that brief time, so much had changed. Maybe, I just hadn’t noticed the changes, as much, because, the year before I moved to Colorado, I was going to college in Peru, NE (a town so small, if you sneezed, when you approached it, you would miss it). In any case, there were new housing plots and new malls, so I wasn’t as smooth a navigator, as I thought that I would be (keep in mind, this was long before GPS and Google Maps and smartphones).

The weather wasn’t too bad, for being January or so, but I remember seeing some guy, ice-fishing, on a lake bed, as we crossed through to Nebraska from Colorado. That was pretty neat. It beat out the cows and empty fields we saw the rest of the trip.

Bill and I made a few stops between Colorado and Nebraska. We visited his aunt on the way to Omaha and on the way back to Colorado, coincidentally, to this story, we stayed at Carol M.’s place.

It turned out there wasn’t much to collect from Bobbie’s place. She’d put into use some things that I was pretty sure that I still wanted…but, I digress (I don’t even remember what most of those things were, anymore). Needless to say, Bobbie made us her famous lasagna (the only home-made lasagna I have ever loved more than my own). Bobbie’s partner, Joe, was there, along with her boys and our bestie, Joanne, was there. It was nice hanging out with the girls, one more time. I think about them, every day, and how much our lives have changed in 20 years.

I would love to take another road trip, to visit them, but my job (with no benefits) and our family finances, though great for our every day needs, aren’t so great for taking any sort of viable vacation. So it will probably be years, if ever, before I get another chance to get back to Nebraska.

At least, I have Bill’s ass to remind me about my last road trip home.

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