BYOH: Build Your Own Happiness

New regular feature! BYOH: Build Your Own Happiness or How to hack your own happiness buttons.

Today, the topic is compassion.

Being compassionate or showing compassion towards others, even people who are getting on your nerves, can go a long way towards pushing your happiness buttons when someone in your sphere is aiming to get a boot to the ass.

I am not talking about being a doormat, by any means. I am talking about suppressing the urge to kick a troll in the nads and putting yourself in his or her shoes, for as long as it takes to deal with an individual and/or to get out of the situation.

It may be very difficult to show compassion for some people, in which case you should fake it. If you can’t put yourself in the other person’s shoes, imagine them in a situation in which your would feel sorry for them, perhaps, they were dropped on their head as a child.

Working in customer service, I have to push my compassion button a lot. I sometimes deal with people who have shown themselves to be very unlikable, but, if it’s my job to serve them, as long as they are being polite and respectful, I will do the same. I try to hear them when they confess to a personal problem, so that I can find some compassion in their confession to treat them respectfully, even when they are not being polite or respectful to me. As long as they are not harming me, I will stand my compassionate ground.

This has helped me deal with a multitude of problematic people. They believe that I like them, when deep down, I breathe a sigh of relief when they exit stage right. But, when I remember that my problems with them are not actually their problem, it helps me find that inkling of compassion to deal with them positively and effectively.

The key to not letting compassion turn you into a doormat is boundaries and we will cover that happiness button in the next BYOH post.

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