BYOH: Build Your Own Happiness

New regular feature! BYOH: Build Your Own Happiness or How to hack your own happiness buttons.

Today, the topic is audiobooks.

In my lifetime, I have yet to find the key to being perfectly happy, all of the time. It took me almost 40 years to figure out that happiness is a daily habit that needs to be nurtured. It’s not something that can, necessarily, be found in an individual person or thing. Plus, the days in our lives are like phases. Some days, it will be harder to push your own happiness buttons, than others.

I have several things that I do, almost, daily, to find my peace of mind. I work in customer service, so, I either work with people or deal with people who push me to my emotional limits, to the point that I envision myself punching their lights out. Or, there are days where I feel like I’m getting the short-end of the stick, in life, and that makes me want to throw in the towel on certain people, things, or opportunities. My life, for better or worse, is far from perfect. But, there are things that I like to do to make those days a whole lot easier, and I would like to share them with you, Dear Reader.

Being a very busy person, who is up before the sun and then spends my afternoons blogging or crafting, I don’t have a lot of time to read. In the past, when I have tried to read before bed, I’ve have found that it’s a wonderful cure for insomnia, but it’s no good for helping me get to the end of a chapter. I was finding myself reading the same pages over and over, dozing off, forgetting what I had read, and trying to re-read it (rinse and repeat).

I have a lot of books in my home. I have a lot of bookshelves. I have more books than bookshelves. And, I want to enjoy them. But, my calendar just won’t allow it. So, I invest my time in audiobooks. Sometimes, I buy audiobooks, of books that I already own, because, as I’ve said, this is, most times, the only way that I will get to meet a new author or enjoy my favorite authors.

I work alone, a lot, but I work with my hands, so I don’t have time to steal a chapter of a paper book, but audiobooks are perfect for my job. I can do my work and listen to a new voice in my head and go on adventures, like solving a murder mystery or listen to a famous person read me the story of their own life. Unlike trying to listen to music and having to stop to shuffle to find a song that fits my mood, for the moment, an audiobook lets me do my thing and keep moving through my day (until I get interrupted and have to press pause).

I’ve only just started this habit, for the most part, on a regular, daily basis. I used to just listen when I did certain tasks, at work; tasks that I didn’t necessarily do every day. Lately, I have started listening as soon as I get to work (the building is customer-free and quiet and I’m doing a lot of manual labor). Having an audiobook playing in my ear is like having a friend, keeping me company, while telling me the story of their life. I find it quite comforting and it seems to help my days go more smoothly, because if someone, at work, gets on my nerves, I just check in with my book-friend and get lost in another chapter or three, until the next time I have to interact with other human beings.

Listening to audiobooks, particularly, if it’s a popular book, has the added benefit of allowing me to make small talk with other bookworms that I know, at work, or out in the world. So, in a way, it also helps me to get out of my own head, by helping me find a connection with others.

Feel free, to visit my Facebook page and tell me what kind of things that you do to push your own happiness buttons or drop a line in the comments section. I would really love to hear from you.

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