Hat of the Day

So long as there are hats on the planet, there will be a #hatoftheday pic, somewhere. But you can find all of mine on Instagram.

Hat of the Day

I tried something a little different, this summer and started a photo project that was one part hat pics and one part body positivity pics. I was trying to find different ways to feel more comfortable in my own skin, not just in my hats. So, in the future, the hat of the day will also feature an outfit of the day.

The main focus of the #summerhatproject was to get me out of my fashion comfort zone by getting me to wear hats that did not perfectly match the outfits that I was wearing. For instance, wearing purple with orange or mixing animal prints with polka dots.

This project helped me revamp my look and my wardrobe, helped me find my confidence and helped me get a bit more creative with my personal style.

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