320th Post


This is my 320th post.

I decided the occasion, maybe, called for something more substantial than my poetry, although, the feedback I am getting is amazing.

I’m actually 220 posts over the limit of where I wanted to mark a blog milestone, but I guess 320 is as good a milestone, as any.

It looks like I have found my blogging rhythm, in poetry. But, I guess I’m kind of cheating. I’m hiding from what I really want to write about and playing with my creative side, instead, and that’s okay, because the real point is that I’m writing, at all. It still counts if I’m only writing poetry.

I post the other narcissistic stuff as fluff, so that it fills the spaces between my writing, poetic and otherwise, and I know that people like to see others embracing themselves in a positive light. My hats, for instance, make me smile, and, in turn, that makes other people smile and, maybe, hopefully, inspires them to find their own positive light.

I post the quizzes and quotes to inspire myself and hope that it inspires others. Maybe some fluff that I fill up this blog with will help someone else through a rough day. I don’t care if some folks think it’s drivel.

I’ve been drowning myself in books, audio-books, mostly. But, some of those books have included autobiographies and that is what inspired me to start my Throwback of the Day posts. Maybe, if I begin writing the more personal, I will find the inspiration to begin to write about things that I find more difficult to express, but have a strong desire, but, not the nerve to do so, just yet.

Regardless, I take this blog and my crafting very seriously. I diligently sit down with this platform, six days a week, unless another appointment keeps me from it. I’ve gotten over trying to cram three or four days worth of writing in one sitting to make up for the days I cannot blog. Heck, I’ve got 320 posts on this blog, now. I’m sure any visitor will be sure to find something worth reading for a bit, if I don’t post for a day or two.

This blog is like my candy dish, at work. It’s here if you want something, but, you are under no obligation to like everything that is on offer and, if the dish is empty when you visit, I promise there will be something sweet waiting for you on your next visit.

Thank you, dear reader, for stopping by and visiting my very humble website. I appreciate all of your feedback. I hope that you will take the time to drop in, again, very soon.

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