Pole Popping Purple Terror

Pole Popping Purple Terror

Sometimes I feel like I’m living my life in terror
I imagine this incessant, loud, sound of popping
I fear that my life will end up being a sad editorial
My life and sins hung on a pole
No amount of crying or declaring
Will keep my life from sinking into the deep purple

So many colors inspire like purple
But that same color makes me think of the terror
Of having my life come crashing down while declaring
That the incessant, loud, sound of popping
And my life and sins hung on a pole
Will be the things that turn my life into a sad editorial

I wish for my life to be a rich editorial
Of me dancing and embracing the purple
Memories of things that are happily hung on a pole
And of overcoming the impending terror
Of the sound of loud, incessant popping
That keeps me in this constant state of declaring

Why should I always be declaring
That my life is worthy of a happy editorial
That I do not deserve hearing the annoying popping
That could bring to my door the deep purple
The sound of my constant terror
And no escape from having my life and sins hung on a pole

This verse is today’s editorial
This moment that I am declaring
That I strive to no longer live in terror
That I am prepared for any editorial
That I am not willing to accept the deep purple
That I will avoid, at all cost, that annoying sound of popping

Only that loud sound of popping
Could be the cause of my life being hung on a pole
Could be the cause of my life turning deep purple
Could be the reason of a life not worth declaring
That my life is a sad editorial
A life that was lived in terror

I’ve lived this life of terror, always in fear of the loud, incessant, sound of popping.
I hope that when they write my editorial that only the things I am proud of will be posted on that pole.
I hope that by declaring my fears that I will be able to avoid the fate of the deep purple.

~Dree (c) 2013

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