Everything Wanna Be Loved

Everything Wanna Be Loved

Everything wanna be loved

That is something I have yet to see

Isn’t true of all of you and me.

While we hope the sun will shine

We hope that long days will not also turn into long lonely nights.

Even the trees that sway

That longing never goes away.

As flowers bloom

Breaking free of their winter tombs.

It would be so bold

For love to break the winter cold

To shake off the bitter chill

And find love against the will

Of those icicles who hate

To be the ones who wait

For Spring to call their name

When deep down we’re all the same.

We’re all afraid to be the last

The lonely one with a pitiful past

No trees or flowers to color the way

If love does come, will it dare to stay?

Everything Wanna Be Loved

So do your dance

Sway like the trees

Sing loud against the winter breeze.

Array yourself in floral colors

Ignore the stares and scorn of others.

Be like the rose

Who never cares

If others like the thorns she wears

He’s sure that love will come his way

Even if it’s not today.

One thing that isn’t hard to find

Are moments when we could be kind

To someone or something that could otherwise be us

Everything Wanna Be Loved.

~Dree (c)2013

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