A Wisp of Paranoia

A Wisp of Paranoia

A wisp of paranoia whizzed

through her mind as she

read his cryptic message on

the napkin.

She had to search her

memory for the reasons this

could be false, but the

blood drops on the table

confused her.

She heard water running, past

the window behind her. She

turned and saw the hosepipe

had been turned on.

She took a swig of

beer from the bottle next

to the napkin.

She tried to steel her

energy for what she knew

would be a fight.

His big, bold, laughter came

bursting in from the next room.

“A joke!”, he yelled, as

he continued laughing. That’s when

she knew that wisp of

paranoia had been right.

DizzyDezzi (c) 2016

Published by Diva

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