Our Life Together Ended In A Briefcase

Our Life Together Ended In A Briefcase

Our life together ended in a briefcase.

A suitcase began a chapter of my new life.

The world has turned into my harshest teacher.

Every strife and struggle cut me like a knife.

Ate up every lesson, like a good consumer.

Paid every price. No Credit. No returns.

I made myself new friends on the social coronet.

They teach me daily how to heal the burns.

Tossed myself into the world with such intense force.

I just knew the time to go was coming fast.

The gardner’d left the flowers wilting in the nursery.

What more proof’d I need the magic would not last?

Did you know that freedom has its own aroma?

The smell wrapped itself around me like a cloak.

That dying garden was a pungent messenger.

Why would I stay when my heart had long since broke?

New life began that day inside the briefcase.

The suitcase carried hope of love and light.

With no regrets, I’ve traveled such a long way.

My garden’s growing well and tended right.

DizzyDezzi (c) 2016

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