Keep It Moving

Keep It Moving

Keep it moving

That’s my philosophy.

No matter what gets in your way

Go around it

Go over it

Keep it moving

That’s how it’s got to be.

There will be people

Who disapprove

There will be obstacles

That block your path

Get up

Get going

Keep it moving

That’s the only way for me.

They may harm you

Things may break you

You will feel like giving up

Take a moment to wallow

If you must

Keep it moving anyway

That’s the only hope you’ll see.

Show kindness

To those who wrong you

Show patience

For things that thwart you

Show compassion

For those who envy you

Do not stop

Keep it moving

Only then will you be free.

No matter what

Do what you must

Do not give up

Keep it moving

That’s my philosophy.

DizzyDezzi (c) 2016


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