Mondays: How I Earn My Saturdays


After the Monday that I have had, I’m no longer going to bemoan how lazy I feel on Saturdays.

I’ve been feeling guilty for not doing more, despite scheduling time to do important chores and errands, I just can’t seem to get the molasses out of my mojo and get motivated to do much of anything that requires me to do anything responsible (unless, it’s an emergency, of course). I tend to beat myself up and redouble my efforts on Sundays to make up for the time that I “wasted” on Saturday.

Not anymore.

I worked my butt off, today. I’ll probably work my butt off a few more times, this week, but I will no longer feel guilty for not doing anything “important” on Saturdays. I realize that I need that day to recover from the burnout of the past week and the biggest pain-in-the-butt day is Monday. So, in short, I earn my Lazy Saturdays by working my ass off on Mondays.

To that end (and to the 3+ individuals reading this extremely humble blog), I am relieving myself of the commitment to update this blog on Saturdays. I “may” still update it, but Saturday will no longer be a part of my daily blogging schedule (except for the occasional “Hats of the Week” feature…perhaps). You can follow me via my social media links (on the sidebar), which will very likely still be updated, daily.

In the meantime, I’m glad to be kissing this Monday, “goodbye” and looking forward to next Saturday. I definitely earned it, today.

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