Aspire: A poem

This small town girl,

who’s seen some of the world,

aspires to see the big city.

I want to take a long flight

and take a big bite

out of the city

that never sleeps.

I’m a musical girl,

but I don’t expect

I’ll sing beyond the din of the subway.

I was told, long ago,

I was there, once before,

My father’s return from war

took me away.

Of all the things I could wish for in life,

If a genie appeared to me now,

I’d use all my wishes

For Times Square,

Central Park,

and Broadway.

This life has been good,

but unlucky.

So, I know that dream

will never come true.

But, I’ll still aspire for what

I desire.

New York City,

I’m thinking of you.

DizzyDezzi (c) 2016

Published by Diva

Trying to live my best life, but chores keep getting in the way!

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