Mondays: This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

I hate Mondays. In 100 Mondays, I probably only have three that are actually worth smiling about.

I don’t believe in Karma. But, if I did, I would believe that Mondays are my punishment for some unkind things I must have done on Mondays in my past life.

Mondays are the days when I really have to pull out the stops to push as many of my happiness buttons, as possible. My workload is always heaviest on Mondays because I’m mopping up all the technical issues leftover from the weekends (when I’m off work) and doing bookkeeping and paperwork from the weekend, as well. I have a lot of customers that I have to handle and then there’s prepping for all the regular Monday business. Most Mondays, I’m so busy, I don’t even have time for lunch.

Today was one such Monday. This is what I walked into:

Mondays Suck

Some jerk decided to bust open the window to one area of our business. Glass exploded everywhere. A rock was found towards the back wall, inside one of the machines.

Thankfully, nothing else was broken, but by the end of my shift, that hole that you see, above, was quadrupled in size, thanks to the “nice” northerly breeze blowing through the neighborhood. I couldn’t do anything about it, because we were waiting for the police for more than four hours. I was finally able to clean up the glass, outside, but the inside is still a mess, as I write this. One of my staff members is sick and asking her to clean up the rest of the mess would be a monumental task, so the mess will likely be there for me, tomorrow morning. The owner will put some plywood in the window, tonight, so I should only have to worry about the inside, at least. Another good thing is that particular area is not heavily trafficked on weekdays, so we are not losing a lot of money keeping the area closed for business.

The police say that there is a homeless vandal making the rounds, so we aren’t the only business in the area affected. When the police officer described the guy to me, I had an idea about who did this: a transient that I have had to eject from the business on more than one occasion, who I had an encounter with on Friday. He wanted to use our bathroom, as usual and, as usual, I had to turn him down. And, as is turning into his usual routine, he left cursing my name, even though I was polite and respectful as I dealt with him.

Of course, there are probably a dozen other suspects, but the window is about eight feet, and the window is double-paned, so the person was likely tall, with a good arm. When the rock broke the window, it actually made a perfect landing into one of the machine basins, and nothing else was hit. Basically, it was a perfect arc from the parking lot to the place where it landed, after breaking through the window. It could have been a short person, but I believe that the rock would have landed outside the basin, if that were the case.

I watch too many forensic science documentaries. My science brain feels like it’s on speed and I haven’t had much caffeine, today.

Thankfully, my partner was there to lend a hand, or else today would have been so much worse. But, because I was about an hour behind schedule, making phone calls and taking pictures and I was waiting for phone calls, I had no time to get push my happiness buttons, so no happy music to lift my mood, I had to grin and bear it.

It’s so much easier to get along with the rest of humanity, Tuesday through Friday, but Mondays I have to work twice as hard to show compassion because I have less time for everything. I have to work twice as hard on my patience and to avoid burnout. That’s on a “normal” Monday. But on Mondays, like today, it’s a reminder why so many of us can’t have nice things, because there’s some jerk on Sundays fixin’ to wreck it for you.

Tell me in comments, what’s your least favorite day of the week and why?

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