Butterflies Inspire Me

I don’t remember when, exactly, it happened, but, for many years, the butterfly has been my spirit animal.

Maybe, it’s because a lot of butterflies tend to be brightly-colored, like I imagine my true self to be, even if I can’t always show it. I’m apprehensive about bringing attention to myself, especially, unasked for, negative attention. I’d rather sit in a quiet cocoon, alone, than venture out, expressing myself 100 and then spend days (weeks…months…years…) defending myself because someone disagrees with me. I’m much better at this, in person, because of physical and related nuance in face-to-face interaction is a heck of a easier to work with than online communication that can very easily be misconstrued and often is, particularly when in discussions with people I’m likely to disagree with or whom disagree with me.

Maybe it’s because of the symbolism that surrounds the butterfly. It starts off as a slimy, unattractive, wormy, little caterpillar, that eventually weaves itself into it’s very own cocoon, a la changing room, and later emerges as one of the most beautiful insects around, a butterfly. The symbolism of the butterfly can be used to construct a tale of endurance and overcoming, patience, survival, and rebirth. It’s inspiring and uplifting. I have definitely found, in my life, that when times were the toughest, looking to the lore of the butterfly has helped me push my own happiness buttons on so many occasions when I may have otherwise given up.

In a nutshell, or, rather, a cocoon, if you will, for me, the butterfly symbolizes hope. Hope of a better day, if today has been a bad one. Hope for a new beginning, if the last first impression didn’t go as planned. Hope for the future, if I need a little more motivation to complete a project or other long-term goals.

Speaking of happiness buttons, as often as I can, I wear butterfly jewelry on my body or my clothes as a visual reminder that, no matter what, I can and will get through whatever comes my way. I’ve got quite a few butterfly trinkets laying around the house to symbolize that ideal, as well.

And, yes, it’s a little ironic that the lady who f@#%ing hates insects is acting loving all over butterflies. Hey, I will admit to loving them, but I don’t want to marry them. I like worms, too, but you won’t find me playing with the slimy little creatures.

I like them from a distance. I’m not looking for a pet. I’m happy to enjoy them, at a distance, for the joy and inspiration that they provide.


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