Littlest Smiles

Kids and dogs make me smile.

I’m a sucker for a pleasant smile or a friendly dog.

It’s hard to be a grump when little children smile at you or a dog wags its tail and tries to greet you.

This is one of the things that I love about my job. I see a lot of customers with families and we are a pet-friendly business, so I spend a lot of time with children and dogs.

Even on my hardest days, when I’ve had enough of grown-ups, I can’t bring myself to take it out on kids or pets. Sometimes, it’s the kids and dogs that make the hard days worth it.

The only time that this isn’t true is when the child is having a difficult time being cooped up or the dog is getting belligerent with my other customers. Even then, it’s the parents and owners that get on my nerves more than their charges. It’s extremely annoying and upsetting to listen to a parent/owner snap, or even bark, at their charges to, “shut up and be quiet!” It’s, often, more upsetting to hear that than it is to hear a fussy kid or upset dog. I feel like saying, “the kids/dogs can stay, but you need to leave, because you are upsetting everyone more than they are!”

Otherwise, a lot of the time, if I’m not too busy, I try to help the parents out by entertaining the child or pet. It offers the little ones a positive distraction and gives the parents a few minutes to take care of the things they need to without worrying that their charges are causing chaos in the establishment.

It’s a beautiful day when a child remembers me and goes out of their way to say, “hello”, when they bring their parents in to take care of their household chores. It warms my heart when a dog that I am familiar with dances around my feet waiting for me to pet them. It’s like sunshine on a rainy day.

This probably another reason that I am not in a hurry to try and find another job. I don’t want to be cooped up in an office building or retail space where I only deal with grown-ups and very few people feel the need to smile, even when you smile at them. There are few things more depressing than trying to share a smile with someone who is not interested in exchanging the smile that you give to them. I see those types of people in my job, too, but they are far outweighed by the wonderful smiles I get from kids and dogs.

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