Chores and Peace

My job pushes my happiness buttons. A lot of times my co-workers don’t and a lot of times my customers don’t, but my job does push my happiness buttons.

I’m a laundry attendant. I do other people’s laundry for a living.

A common comment that I hear from my customers is, “I could never do that job, it seems so boring!”

There are definitely parts of my job that are boring, but doing laundry and ironing lab coats are not counted in that estimation. I find peace in my job. In fact, if I could have another coworker on duty to handle the customer service stuff, my job would be perfect.

I work alone and, for the most part, it’s awesome. When I’m on staff, I can do things my own way, and there is nobody underfoot, mocking or undermining my productivity. Because it’s, typically, only me on staff during my shift, I can put on my bluetooth earpiece or headphones, turn on my music or Audible books and get to work.

My job requires time-management skills and organizational skills, as well as requiring repetitive tasks done in a neat and orderly fashion. All skills that my Type-A personality thrives on.

I do okay on days that are full of customers and interruptions, but I feel more stressed and require more space when I get home, on days like that. My favorite days are when I have a few lab coats to iron, three to four loads of laundry to do, and few customers (or customers who need limited to no support from me, so that I can give as much of my full attention to doing laundry, as possible.

It’s a job that allows a lot of time for me to dance around in my own head or, as an old friend used to say, it gives me a chance to help solve the world’s problems because of having so much time to think. I keep a notepad and pen on hand because I get so many ideas for crafting or writing while I’m doing the tango while folding a pile of t-shirts.

I usually iron about a dozen lab coats a week. Each lab coat takes about 15-30 minutes, so that means that, unless it’s a very busy day, I usually get about 5-6 hours of week to pick my own brain.

I’m probably a much calmer person due to my job and having so much time to dust off my thoughts than I would be if I were under the gun at a job that had customer or productivity quotas. My job merely requires me to complete the work at hand, if I have no work, then I have to find tedious tasks to do, but typically, I do whatever I have time to do, I don’t have a upper-limit of laundry or lab coats that must be completed before I clock out; I do what I can and go home, for the most part.

I’ve had other types of jobs, in the past, including retail, fast-food, and desk jobs. Although, I was good at those jobs, I always felt like I was performing for an audience and if things weren’t done a certain way, then there was the fear of getting written up or dismissed for mistakes. Of course, there is the possibility that I could screw up, royally, on my current job, there is usually enough wiggle-room, for issues that may come up, that losing my job for anything short of actual criminal activity is a stretch (and a relief, because I have had some bad days. It should be noted that those bad days were usually super-busy and overwhelming, and thus more prone to errors showing up in my work. Thankfully, in 5 1/2 years, days like that are few and far between).

I have tried looking for other jobs, but I have yet to find one that would allow me the peace and control that I have doing what I do now. That’s why I’ve decided that if and when I leave my current job (I know I won’t be at it forever), I’ll leave after getting my own business off of the ground and I’m working for myself. I enjoy the peace that my current job gives me and it’s unlikely that there is another job out there that will give me the satisfaction, on any level, that I get doing laundry every day.

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