Diva’s Mobile Laundry Service

Diva’s Laundry Service: Treat Yourself! We’ll Treat Your Laundry!
  • Diva’s Laundry Service accepts cash or debit/credit cards, only. Sorry, No Checks!
Payments accepted via PayPal, Online or In Person.

  • Wash Dry Fold Service: 48-Hour Pick-up and Delivery Service, @ $2.75/per lbs and $15/per comforter
  • Wash Dry Fold Service: 24-Hour Pick-up and Delivery Service, @ $3.25/per lbs, $20/per comforter
  • $15 minimum charge on all mobile services to cover increasing fuel costs.
    The above includes, clothes and linens, including towels and bed sheets.
  • Large Items Service: $15 per item
  • The above Large Items includes comforters, sleeping bags, blankets, and pillows.
  • Ironing Service: $1.50 per item, $15 minimum: You can drop off at our service location or you can add-on to your mobile service request
  • Contact us for items not listed on this site.
  • Contact us for business to business rates.
  • –Other fees and considerations:
  • Currently only serving a 20-mile radius from Downtown Colorado Springs, excluding Monument, Woodland Park, and Black Forest area.
  • Please note that inclement weather, snowy, or icy roads may delay timely deliveries. DLS will abide the District 11 school closure schedule and/or local school district closures in your area. Client will be notified if weather is causing any delays on their delivery and an alternative day/time will be arranged.
  • Missed Delivery Window: a $15 discount will be applied towards your next order, if driver is more than 1 hour late in delivering clients order at the designated time and inclement weather is not a factor.
  • –Diva’s Laundry Service will always use the utmost care in handling your items, but please note the following:
  • Diva’s Laundry Service does not take inventory of your items, but we will be happy to use your written checklist to verify that your items are accounted for before returning them to you.
  • Diva’s Laundry Service can not take responsibility for damage caused through normal wear and tear.
  • If your items are damaged due to our services negligence, we agree to replace the item, or pay client up to three times its original value if item can not be replaced.
  • Diva’s Laundry Service will ABSOLUTELY NOT handle any items that include exorbitant amounts of blood or feces or other bodily fluids. We absolutely cannot take items infested by insects (i.e., bed bugs) or rodents. Your items will be returned to you in the same condition and your account will be credited, minus a $20 surcharge for pick-up/delivery.

Updated: June 3, 2022

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