Are You Being Baited?

Baiting is a favorite tactic of bullies and toxic individuals. It’s one way that they get to play the victim, while making you look like the problem. They provoke you (lure you) through “joking around” or bullying , in hopes of getting you to react. If you react, in an emotional manner, they will use that to show everyone else that the problem is you and not them.

Coping With Bullies and Toxic People: Gray Rock Method

Gray rock method is the act of behaving as if you are disinterested in interacting with an individual or groups toxic behaviors. In turn, it is appearing as if you are the least interesting thing in the vicinity. Most people don’t notice the gray rock, even if it’s in their immediate path. They go around it, but they, generally, don’t bother with it, otherwise. It’s not the silent treatment, it’s more or less the “Meh” treatment.

How To Determine If You Are Being Scapegoated

Scapegoating, when it comes to workplace bullies and toxic people is when an individual or group is targeted for “unmerited negative treatment or blame”. A person designated as a scapegoat could also be called, “a whipping boy”, or “fall guy”.

Setting Yourself Free From Bullies and Toxic People

I’m not a professional, but I have a lifetime of experience being a target for bullies and toxic people. I was born to toxic, abusive parents. I learned to keep my head down and take the crap that people gave me, as if it were a gift. It is only in the last six years or so that I began learn how to recognize and deal with these negative individuals, but I feel it is important for me to share my experiences with what works (and what doesn’t) in handling them.