Learn To Loathe Laundry Less: Personal Laundry Coaching

Learn To Loathe Laundry Less: Hire The Laundry Diva As Your Personal Laundry Coach

Personal Individualized Laundry Coaching

Whether you want to revamp your laundry room to make doing your laundry a more pleasant experience or you wish to learn, first-hand, how to do laundry like a pro, Diva is at your service.

Laundry Room Makeover: $45/Hour

Are You Ready For A Laundry Room Makeover?

Let’s get together to make your laundry room a place where you enjoy doing your laundry.

We’ll start with a FREE consultation at your home. We’ll determine your needs and desires and establish a plan to return your laundry room to complete functionality and orderliness; a place where you will be happy to do the laundry.

Sign up, today, to schedule your FREE Laundry Room consultation!

Individualized Laundry Day Boot Camp: $45/Hour

Everything that you ever wanted to know about doing laundry, but were afraid to ask.

A one-on-one course in Laundry 101, in your home. Ideal for the Laundry Novice or the individual who could use a few more pointers in getting the most of your Laundry Day.

Sign up, today, to schedule your personalized, Laundry Day Boot Camp!

*Group Laundry Day Boot Camps are starting up soon!*

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